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Do you like to hunt, fish, go hiking, rock-climbing, exploring? How about canoeing, kayaking, or swimming in the ocean?

Newfoundland and Labrador has many, many attractions to offer visitors. As part of our effort to bring da Rock to those who have left, in this section you will find information on Attractions that the province has to offer.

Planning a trip to da Rock? If so, read our Travel to da Rock Section.

When you go to Newfoundland for a visit, do you hang around with family and friends, or do you go out and visit Historical areas? Do you know of any areas or things on da Rock that others would enjoy visiting?

If so, drop us a line to let us know about it. We'll load all the information into this section if you send in photo's and a description of the attraction (including it's history, and where it is located and how to get there).


Attractions by region:



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