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Mission & Goals

Out migration is an extremely serious problem that has been negatively affecting Newfoundland & Labrador for decades. As the title and name, “From Newfoundland to UpAlong”, implies, this site caters to those of us who had to leave our province. Misery loves company, so if we can stick together, even virtually, then maybe we’ll feel just a little bit better for doing so.

The goals of this site are to give Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans who live away from our province a place to go that feels like home, reunite with old friends, have some fun, and, hopefully, allow them meet others from the province who live in their area.


Who knows, maybe someday you'll get to return to our beloved province to live... we can all hope and dream.


Enjoy the site, and let everyone know you were on UpAlong.org by signing the Guestbook!

"You can take the boy out of the Bay, but you can never take the Bay out of the boy."





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