The Irish Descendants Finally Caught the Wind

They grew up with it; they rode the Marine Atlantic ferries in it; they even sang about it; and today they held a press conference to tell the world that they have finally caught the wind.

"Well, it happened like this", said Con O’Brien, "we were down on the waterfront, walking along, enjoying the day, when we see this gust coming towards us from across the harbour... looked like a Southside Squall."

He continued, "Duncan pointed out that one of the docked fishing boats had a pail and cover sitting next to it on the dock and shouted for Graham and Rob to go grab it and stand ready."

"Next thing we knew, the byes were head into the squall and fighting to stay upright. That's when Duncan rushed over and managed to get it into the pale - and the byes fastened the cover down."

Mr. O'Brien then produced the 5 gallon salt beef bucket for the press to inspect.'s local reporter, Buddy, got a chance to touch the bucket.

"She was vibrating sometin fearse, ole man... like dey had put in a hive of bees. Dat Southside Squall dey captured sure don't like to be locked up.", Buddy said.

The Irish Descendants plan to take the squall out to sea and release it.

On a slightly related story; the harbour has been enjoying a flat-calm ever since the Irish Descendants captured the wind.

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