Goes Back, b'y    Manitoba Moose to be Introduced into the NFLD Wild

The Danny Moose

The UpAlong.org News Room has just learned that the NFLD government is bringing some Manitoba Moose to the island portion of our province. This comes at a time when the moose on the highway problem is at an all-time high.

Our weird and crazy news reporter, Buddy, came in early from checking his lobster traps to tell us this, "The Manitoba Moose will be flown in sometime this summer and released at Mile One."

NFLD government has finally lost their minds, we thinks!

UPDATE:  The UpAlong.org News Room has received word that the Manitoba Moose is actually a hockey team and not real moose.

UPDATE II:  There is now a job opening for a reporter with the UpAlong.org News Team.



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