Happy Orangemen's Day

Orangemen on parade

Orangemen's Day, also known as Orange Day, is celebrated on July 12th. In Newfoundland and Labrador it is usually celebrated on the Monday nearest to July 12th.

Orangemen's Day commemorates the 1690 Protestant victory over Roman Catholic forces in the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland. King William III of Orange, the Protestant King of England, defeated former King James II, a Catholic.

The Orange Order was established a century after the Battle of the Boyne and steadily grew in the 19th century as a patriotic bulwark against what many Protestants saw as treasonous Catholicism. By the end of the 19th century Orangemen's parades were commonplace in many Newfoundland communities.

In some Newfoundland and Labrador communities, Orangemen's Day celebrations are rescheduled in the winter season so that fishermen on the northeast coast do not lose money during the lucrative cod fishing season.

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