Marine Atlantic Buys a Big Arse Ship

Artist rendering of Le Grande-Arse Boat

Marine Atlantic, the operators of the NFLD ferry system, released an artist’s rendering of their latest ship, and brudder, she is HUGE!!!

From the looks of her, she is 400 km long and 25 km high. It will only take her 10 minutes to make the Port Aux Basques crossing, and 45 minutes for the Argentia run.  Although she is too big to fit in any of the ports, her ramp is 30 km long and can reach inland 2 km while she is well offshore and still in deep water.

St. Pierre and Miquelon is not too happy with the new ferry (they refer to it as Le Grande-Arse Boat) as the bow wave is expected to completely wash all of the sunken boats out there right into Fortune Bay with all of the flushing currents that will be generated.

“The new ship will make record crossing times,”, a Marine Atlantic spokesperson told UpAlong’s roving reporter, Buddy, via fax, “but the time to drive from one end of her to the other will still take the average user 3-4 hours.  We had to set the speed limit on the main car deck at 120 km/h due to Transport Canada safety regulations.”

The new ship will not be built at the Marystown shipyard. The shipyard spokesman told Buddy the other day, over beers at the Dory, that their drydock is 2 meters too narrow to handle a vessel of this size, however, they are bidding on related outfitting jobs.

The new ship should be starting service soon… just as soon as they can dig her rudder out of Sable Island (a rouge gust of wind blew her onto the sandy spit and her rudder cut the island in half before getting wedged).

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