Newfies living in the US are celebrating this week

The First Thanksgiving - According to American History
Let's go back to the year 1620. A bunch of pilgrims had just come over from England because they were bullied for their strict religious beliefs there and they thought America would give them a chance to start a new life. They landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts on their ship, the Mayflower.

Their first year in America really sucked - they couldn't find food and nearly half of the 102 people who first came over were dead by the next fall.

But in 1621 things started to look better - they had a huge harvest with a ton of food. To celebrate, they held a huge feast and invited a group of Indians who had helped the Pilgrims get through that first difficult year. It was quite the party - three days of pigging out on venison, various birds, fish, fruit, and vegetables. That was the first Thanksgiving.....according to American History.

But, we all know the truth, don't we: The first Thanksgiving celebrated in North America occurred in Newfoundland in 1578, and not south of the border in Plymouth as commonly thought.

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