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  NFLD Company Having Trouble Filling Jobs

A locally based business is feeling the pinch when it comes to finding workers to meet growth opportunities. Avalon Microelectronics ....


  Lots of Job-Seeking Back Home

A job fair in St. John's recently saw thousands of people lined up to check out opportunities on the mainland. More than a dozen companies from Alberta and Ontario, looking to fill vacanci ....


  $23 Million Vote Buy

The province will receive an additional $23.4 million from the federal government, this time in the form of a Community Development Trust. That fund is aimed at helping unemployed workers ....


  Great Excuse to Head to NFLD this Summer

As if you needed an excuse, but this is a good one - August 2nd, Gander is host to Great Big Sea, and many other great bands, at the Great Big Concert. To be held at the Cobbs Pond Rotary Park, ....


  When Polar Bears Attack
Don't Panic!

The Department of Natural Resources is warning people on the Northern Peninsula to be careful after a number of polar bear sightings this week.

Polar bears have been sighted near severa ....


  The Rocky Road To Dublin to be Paved
Rocky Bridge

News out of the Emerald Isle this week - the famous rocky road to Dublin will soon become a double lane paved highway - route 302 - the Irish Responder reports.

Residents who live along ....


  No More Snow or me Missus will Croak
Aunt Bessy hard at it....

The unusually high snowfall this year has one old Newfoundland husband concerned for his beloved’s health and well being.

“The snow won’t stop fallin”, Uncle Garge said. “The more that ....


  Visit NFLD Right Now

Through the wonders of the modern age, you can be in Newfoundland and Labrador right now.

If this video doesn’t bring you back, then check out other You-Tube video’s that are integrate ....


  Trained Fish Catch Themselves
Follow the sound....

Scientists in the crazy USA are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by swimming into a net when they hear a tone that signals feeding time. If it works, the system could eventually ....


  Preparing to Send Fish to Space
Not something you see everyday

We Newfoundlanders know everything there is to know about fish.... right? Well, maybe not.

Scientists plan to launch 60 tiny fish on a zero gravity rocket ride from above the Arctic Cir ....


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