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  Declining Caribou Population
Beautiful, tasty animals

Besides the declining human population, Newfoundland and Labrador is also facing a declining caribou population.

The Provincial Environment Minister says that government is determined t ....


  The Newfie Sheik Declares Bankruptcy

After striking it rich in the 1980's when oil was discovered on his property, Frank McLean, also known as the Newfie Sheik, filed for bankruptcy in St. John's late Friday afternoon.

< ....


  Bird Flu hits Newfoundland

Most Newfie's are born with a slice in their hand....
The famous Newfoundland Wild Boloney is now infected with the Asian Bird Flu, Garge and Buddy told us via cell phone earlier to ....


  Snow Footprints Doom Dumb Criminals

Fresh tracks in newly fallen snow helped lead investigators to three men suspected of breaking into a St. John's store, police say.

The three, between ages 21 and 24, were apprehended a ....


  Homebuilders want Young Trainees

The Homebuilders Association Eastern Newfoundland is looking for young adults who are interested in painting and plastering, siding, landscaping, concrete and several other skilled trades. ....


  The Fish Plant Report
Town of Marystown

The fish plant in Marystown is set to open next week, but there may not be as many working initially as hoped. Allan Moulton of the FFAW says the plant will open as scheduled o ....


  Minister Pleased With Migration Into Province

The Minister of Business likes what he sees happening with migration into the province. The Minister of Business, who is also the MHA for Terra Nova district, says he's very encouraged by ....


  Yer Gas-n-Oil Comes In
Oil Platform Hibernia

The shortage of skilled labour was front and centre today at a conference today at an oil and gas conference sppnsored by the College of the North Atlantic. In just two years this province will ....


  Workers Needed in NFLD!
Union Workers

It is a rare pleasure to be able to say those words. After nearly 20 years of people uprooting temselves and their families in order to leave NFLD to find work, maybe the tide is finally changin ....


  Origins of Sayings - Valentines Day

Check out our Origins of Sayings section to learn how Valentine's Day came to be.


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