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  Newfoundland Valentine Poem
… with me rubber boots… off??

Fer Me Wife ...

I writes ta say I loves ya b'ye!
Cause I don't say it very much...
Everytime I tries ta cuddle ya

I tried ta ....


  Paul McCartney's at it Again

Paul McCartney is once again speaking out against the annual seal hunt on Canada's East Coast.

In an appeal distributed Thursday by the international and United States humane societies, ....


  Pancake Day
Any money in there?

For centuries, the English have celebratd Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent, with merriment and antics and, especially, great quantities of pancakes. In fact, the fried flat cakes became so im ....


  Former FPI Plant in Harbour Breton Re-Opens
Some traditions continue

Great news for a community on the South Coast that was almost doomed when FPI closed the town's fish plant. The new owners, Cooke Aquaculture, have begun processing salmon at the Harbour Breton ....


  St. John's IS the Oldest City?
Mid-Town St. John's

Newfoundland and Labrador's minister of tourism waded into the debate over Canada's oldest city Thursday, claiming the honour for St. John's, N.L.

"That's our story and we're sticking ....


  CBC Websites
Everyone loves CBC

CBC news is reporting that it will maintain its long-running practice of not updating the news on its websites on weekends. Mainly due to a contract with the Snow Clearing Union, which represent ....


  Food Fishery Criminal Report

No one was tasered, however, DFO did lay a total of 43 charges in connection with the 2007 recreational cod fishery.

The Chief of Enforcement reports some cases are still before cou ....


  Ferry Problems
The ferry to Fogo Island

There have been numerous problems with ferries all over the province lately. See what other visitors to UpAlong are saying about it, and join our on-going discussion of the problems in the Vir ....


  Signal Hill Slatted to be Sold
Who can list all of the historical happenings this place has seen?

Signal Hill, the most recognizable and famous spot in Newfinlund, will be put on the real estate market later this month.

In a move to cut operating costs and improve revenue flow, Par ....


  Federal Government to Rename Newfoundland
What the say becomes law, like it or not

The fed's announced this week that, after more than 50 years in Canadian confederation, Newfoundland will be changed to Newfinlund (pronounced: New-fin-lund).

The minister in ....


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