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Welcome to the "attic" of UpAlong. This is where all of the previous Home page articles are stored once they graduate from the Home page. If you missed some (shame on you), but you can catch up here.

Have fun taking a looking back.

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  Cod-Fish Dan breaks 20-year Silence
The man in the moon is Newfie

Sydney, Cape Breton:

Newfoundlander, Cod-Fish Dan, stated today that after 50 years of living on the moon, he is ready to retire to the Codrey Valley, his birthplace.

Dan sa ....


  Happy 2009!!!

There's lots of fantastic news coming out of NFLD so far this year; new job op's, companies opening and looking for employees, and the NFLD government bragging about upcoming projects that w ....


  Happy New Years!!!
Have fun and be safe

Although the new year has been celebrated since prehistoric times, it was celebrated on the vernal equinox rather than what we now consider the first of the year. The Romans were the first t ....


  Test your Christmas Knowledge


  Screech Out for Christmas
Let Her Rip!!

Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its Screech In tradition, and people from the province love to stay in touch with their roots.

We thought ....


  The Christmas Tree
The evidence

By: 'Uncle' Doug Dwyer
Some Truth & Tall Tales

In memory of Neil Doug Dwyer

I ....


  Joey and the Christmas Smile

Written by Newfoundland Author Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

Christmas Eve had arrived once again, how quickly the years go by we remarked to each other ....


  The Meaning of Christmas
Jesus is the Reason

The celebration of Christmas has evolved into something that no longer has any connection to reality. I have no real problem with this because it does changes the mood of the people, re-intr ....


  Welcome to the UpAlong Christmas

We love the holidays, and we're passing along our passion for the season to everyone with all of the fun stuff we have crammed into the ole website.

We wish you and yours a Very Mer ....


  Simani & Christmas
Simani on Land and Sea

It is hard to think of Christmas in NFLD without remembering the contributations of the musical group, Simani. From "The Mummer's Song" to the Land & Sea traditional showing of "T ....


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