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Welcome to the "attic" of UpAlong. This is where all of the previous Home page articles are stored once they graduate from the Home page. If you missed some (shame on you), but you can catch up here.

Have fun taking a looking back.

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  Hibernia's 10th Birthday!!
Hibernia Mega Rig

Ten years ago this week, oil gushed out of the Hibernia offshore oilfield for the first time, igniting an orange flare and triggering a dramatic economic turnaround for Newfoundland and Labrad ....


  Newfoundland Author Don Wilkins

Don, UpAlong's Religion columnist (visit Don's Religion column), has published several books. As a way to say thanks for all o ....


  Thank You Veterans and Soldiers

This week, as we take pause and remember all of the fallen soldiers, past battles, and their contributions to our freedoms and way of life, we also salute ALL members of the military, navy ....


  Combat Quotes

To face what the brave men and women have, and still do, to protect our rights and freedoms, many develop an interesting and unique sence of humor. Below are quotes from cur ....


  The HMS Newfoundland
"HMS Newfoundland (59) in 1945"

HMS NEWFOUNDLAND was launched on 19 December 1941 in Britian. She was a modification of the Royal Navy's FIJI design with three dual 6" turrets, increased AA firepower in the shape of eight ....


  Lest We Forget
"These brilliant red poppies are very significant."

Author: Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

Every year for many years, in November, we have a garden of red ‘poppies’ leap into our lives, and into the lives of our communities. The stunning co ....


  Newfoundlander Published in the 'Chicken Soup' Books
Finally with Newfie Content

Regular visitors to this website will instantly recognize the name Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe. Bonnie has been a strong supporter of my internet endeavors from the very beginning, and has published a to ....


  Bonfire Night
Weeks for cuttin' boughs all come together in a fiery finish

In 1605, a man called Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London with barrels of gunpowder placed in the basement. He wanted to kill King James and the king’s leaders ....


  Outmigration Taken to a New Level
"Little Newfoundland"

Three times each week, a chartered aircraft flies from Alberta to airports in Newfoundland, ferrying trades workers involved in one of the longest commutes in the country.

It's also a la ....


  Newfoundland Time Zone
A Newfie Watch

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour, the Saturday night after Halloween(they changed the date and that screwed up everything with a computer chip in it). In honor of this an ....


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