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Welcome to the "attic" of UpAlong. This is where all of the previous Home page articles are stored once they graduate from the Home page. If you missed some (shame on you), but you can catch up here.

Have fun taking a looking back.

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  NFLD Wildlife 1 - Townie 0
Busy little things

A man from St. John's has a strange story to tell about his trip down the Salmonier Line last night.

The man says that he spotted on a beaver on the road so he decided to slow down. ....


  Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough?

This question was raised this week as medical and healthcare managers met at the Holiday Inn in St. John's to discuss issues facing the medical community in NFLD.

Schizophrenia (SKIT ....


  Newfoundland and Labrador Visitor's Guide
The Guide

For the past few weeks, has been featuring humorous excerpts from the Newfoundland and Labrador Visitor Guide, created by NFLD columnist


  Mayor Andy Wells takes on the Canada Hibernia Holding Corp

Mayor Wells, the beloved and well know mayor of St. John's, has a long a colourful history of fighting for things that he thinks are worth fighting for.

This week, Mayor Wells is tak ....


  You-Tube Support added to the Virtual Soiree
The very popular video site

I am very pleased to be able to offer all members of the site the ability to post your favorite You-Tube videos here, and open up the board for discussions on those video's.

I think ....


  It's a GIRL

October 13th, 2007: My sister, Lori Kendall (Strowbridge), gave birth today to a 7 lb, 1 oz baby girl. Congratulations to Travis and Lori Kendall on this new addition to the family. Amy i ....


  Salt Water Rabbits
The Salt Water Rabbitt

By: Edward McGrath

CUNICULUS SAL SALIS: Salt water rabbits were first discovered in Newfoundland in ....


  Harper Defends the Seals
The Harper Seal

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will not be bullied or blackmailed into ending the seal hunt. Harper defended the industry after speaking to the Council of Foreign Relations in New Yo ....


  On the Harsh Labrador
Labrador Sunset

A month-long stay at a cabin in northern Newfoundland and Labrador turned treacherous for a couple when their ride didn't show up to take them back to civilization.

On Aug. 29, Robert Wa ....


  Shame on Air Canada

The Newfoundland and Labrador government says Air Canada has cancelled direct flights to London, England, from St. John's despite a promise to provide a seasonal summer service. The governme ....


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