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  Harper Defends the Seals
The Harper Seal

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will not be bullied or blackmailed into ending the seal hunt. Harper defended the industry after speaking to the Council of Foreign Relations in New Yo ....


  On the Harsh Labrador
Labrador Sunset

A month-long stay at a cabin in northern Newfoundland and Labrador turned treacherous for a couple when their ride didn't show up to take them back to civilization.

On Aug. 29, Robert Wa ....


  Shame on Air Canada

The Newfoundland and Labrador government says Air Canada has cancelled direct flights to London, England, from St. John's despite a promise to provide a seasonal summer service. The governme ....


  Newfoundland Furry Cod
Newfoundland Furry Cod

By: Edward McGrath

GADUS MORHUA PELLIS: The Newfoundland codfish is very similar in appearance to the ....


  Hard Time for a Fishing Family
Rebelís Pride

Last September two of the crew aboard the Rebel’s Pride nearly died at sea after refrigeration leak in the hold of the ship. They’re sister and another crewmembers quick action saved ....


  Yearly Blessing of the Animals

The Anglican Cathedral in St. John's became a modern-day Noah's Ark yesterday. The annual blessing of the animals saw cats, dogs, horses and goats. The SPCA's Spokesperson says the service w ....


  Shoplifting Seagull
Caught red-beaked...

A seagull has developed the habit of stealing chips from a neighborhood shop. The seagull waits until the shopkeeper isn't looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size ....


  Mayor Wells vs China
Nice breeze

Eight years after he provoked an international incident by raising the Tibetan flag at City Hall, St. John’s Mayor Andy Wells will fly the flag of Tibet again next month when the Dalai Lam ....


  Wild Baloney
THE Wild Baloney

By: Edward McGrath

CARNIS FERA MISCEO The wild baloney (bologna) is found only on the island of Newfoun ....


  Marine Forecasting Back at Gander
The old Administration Building with an observation tower, 1938

After a couple of years marine absence, forecasting is returning to the Gander Weather Office. this week saw the marine forecast for Newfoundland and Labrador issued from Gander, not D ....


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