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  A Community's Revival
Center of the Community

All too often we hear nothing but bad news coming out of rural NFLD. However, when I happened upon the following news article, I found it to be so uplifting that I am re-printing it here. Enjoy .... is celebrating it's six months of internet bless this week
Blueberry Cake to mark the occation… YUM!!! is celebrating it's six months of internet bless this week – all without a single down day!

I wish to thank all of those who have accidentally found us and visit ....


  Moose Count Shows Population Dropping
NS Speedbumps

Gander, NL: A recent wildlife survey indicates that the number of moose in the Bonavista North region, between Gambo and Wesleyville, is significantly lower.

The count during the pas ....


  Big Game Hunting Season Opens

Big Game hunting season opens this week for parts of the province. The season begins in central and western parts of the province as well as in Labrador, while hunting season opens October ....


  Targa Newfoundland
1976 Porsche

Targa Newfoundland is the first and only event of its kind to be held in North America. It is an annual event and forms a 2200 km long, high quality automotive adventure. It is held over a seven ....


  Northern Cod Stocks Show No Improvement
Unlimited natural resources

DFO says there has been virtually no improvement in the Northern Cod stocks in the past ten years. DFO scientists recently issued an update on the status of the cod stocks in area 2J3KL.

.... Written up in several NFLD Newspapers
Written Up in the Telegram

I was interviewed recently by a NFLD newspaper, the Coaster, for an article they are doing on this web site. This was later picked up by The Telegram, and later by Google. It’s quite a ....


  Bad News for Port aux Basques - Fish Plant Closure
Port aux Basques

Port aux Basques is shocked by the closure of a fish plant, even though production lines there have seldom been active.The mayor says the closure of a plant in Port aux Basques will hurt the re ....


  Good News for Marystown - Shipyard

The Marystown Mayor says a series of recent shipbuilding announcements is good news for shipbuilding communities in the country and there appears to be a bright future for towns that depend ....


  Bad News for Corner Brook - Gypsum Wallboard Plant Closure
Corner Brook

Lafarge North America is closing its gypsum wallboard plant in Corner Brook. Close to 60 employees will be out of work. The soft market and stiff competition are the main reason for t ....


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