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Welcome to the "attic" of UpAlong. This is where all of the previous Home page articles are stored once they graduate from the Home page. If you missed some (shame on you), but you can catch up here.

Have fun taking a looking back.

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  The Population 'Death Spiral'
NFLD provincial symbol

A low fertility rate, combined with a high proportion of seniors in Atlantic Canada could lead to a population collapse in some economically depressed areas of the region, experts say.

N ....


  Autstralia Asks NFLD for Guidance with Out Migration
She leaves every day - carrying more of our future with her

An Australian government researcher visited Newfoundland and Labrador this week to look at how the province is dealing with population decline in rural areas.

The researcher with the S ....


  CONTEST!!!! -Win The Sharecroppers newest "Home Boys" Cd!!

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< ....


  Keep your dreams alive
Heather & Kylee Glavine with Mr. Joe Clark

Our daughter, Heather Glavine, has kept a 'life list' of things that she wants to do during her lifetime. One of them was to be on Parliament Hill on Canada Day with her husband Lance, and her ....


  Dear Danny

In the wake of PM Stephen Harper's unannounced visit to NFLD, and the harsh criticism from Premier Danny Williams over finding out only when he heard it on the news, the PM's office has re ....


  The Bakeapple Report
Smell that!!

Nothing like some old fashioned NFLD Bakeapple Jam to make the breakfast toast really good.

Known as the cloudberry in other parts of the world, these small orange and red berries are sc ....


  Royal St. John's Regatta
North America's Oldest Sporting Event

The 189th running of the Royal St. John's Regatta went ahead on Thursday, Aug 2nd, although with a delayed start. High water levels delayed the announcement until 6:30 am, when a course manage ....


  Food Fishery - Where's the Outrage
Fishing no more

A recreational fishery off Newfoundland and Labrador opened this week, with individuals allowed to catch a meal of cod.

Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn approved the three-week ....


  Lots of Old Farts

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour is expressing concern in the wake of the latest census figures from Statistics Canada. The stats show the median age in the province is alm ....


  BREAKING NEWS: Giant Spiders Invade St. John's
Giant Spiders

OK. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I was on the CBC News website today and saw that a giant spider was decending on the buildings across the expressway from CBC. There was nothing on t ....


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