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  Food Fishery - Where's the Outrage
Fishing no more

A recreational fishery off Newfoundland and Labrador opened this week, with individuals allowed to catch a meal of cod.

Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn approved the three-week ....


  Lots of Old Farts

The Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour is expressing concern in the wake of the latest census figures from Statistics Canada. The stats show the median age in the province is alm ....


  BREAKING NEWS: Giant Spiders Invade St. John's
Giant Spiders

OK. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I was on the CBC News website today and saw that a giant spider was decending on the buildings across the expressway from CBC. There was nothing on t ....


  Federal Government Loves BC more than NFLD

The NFLD government is looking for answers from Ottawa after the feds invested 175 million dollars to the fishery in BC but not this province.

The NFLD Fisheries Minister says he ....


  The Caplin Roll
Traditional Method of Catching Caplin

Fishing vessels have returned to waters off Newfoundland for the first time in years for a commercial harvest of caplin, despite warnings that the health of the stock may be fleeting. Caplin, a ....


  Navy Saves Humpback Whale
Unusal Mission

They called it Operation Free Willy, of course.

A Canadian warship freed a humpback whale that was entangled in fishing gear on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland .

Navy divers fro ....


  Headline: St. John's Destoryed
Horrible Sight

It's the anniversary of the Great Fire of 1892. The Great Fire in St. John's on July 8, 1892, is remembered as the worst disaster ever to befall the city.

At approximately five o'clo ....


  Signal Hill Tattoo
The British are Coming….

The Signal Hill Tattoo is back up and running for another summer, and organizers have added some new elements to the historical show.

An official with the Tattoo says visitors will ....


  Horror Film Made in Ferryland
I dare ya to go inside….

The landmark Ferryland lighthouse (75 kilometres south of St. John's) has been shrouded in fog — and murder — this week. The fog is real but the murders are all the work of a crew sh ....


  Gander Airport makes a Rebound
A very welcome sight at the end of a long journey to get home for a bit

Air Canada has returned daily non-stop air service between Gander and Halifax. Company officials say the new year-round schedule enhances their Newfoundland and Labrador service and allows ....


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