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  Take em While They're Young
"Fort Mac"

Newfoundland and Labrador teenagers looking for summer work in Fort McMurray are being offered high wages, big bonuses, and even housing allowances.

The Service Canada Centre for Youth offic ....


  Happy Fathers' Day

In 1909, listening to a sermon on Motherís Day, Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd felt inspired by Anna Jarvisís efforts and felt there should also be a Fatherís Day.

Her father, Civil War ....


  Winner of the 'Most Anal' Award

Harvey Hodder, soon to be former speaker of the House of Assembly, made some suggestions for the legislature. Known to run a stop-watch on questions and answers in the legislature, offered ....


  Northern Cod Stocks still Suck
Dats a couple meals!

Almost 15 years since the Canadian government outlawed cod harvesting off Newfoundland's northeast coast, federal fisheries scientists say cod stocks remain in peril.

A stock assessmen ....


  The Globe is at it Again
Our Danny

In the wake of a critical article in the Globe and Mail about the Williams government's economic performance, the province says employment levels are on the rise. For the 10th consecutive month ....


  Newfoundlandís Unique Time Zone
Newfie Clock

Newfoundland Standard time is 30 min. ahead of Atlantic Standard Time (in effect in the Maritime provinces) and 1 Ĺ hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (in effect in New York and Toronto).It's ....


  Newfie Radio via the Internet
Cangoose Internet Radio Group

The Cangoose Internet Radio Group stations broadcasts from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The operation began on July 15, 2001 with the all Newfoundland music station coming on board Aug 2 ....


  European Nations Take Our Fish and Give Us the "Bird"
The Fisheries Patrol Vessel, a very rare sight in NFLD

Canadian Fisheries Officials and diplomats are having a tough time in proving their charges of over-fishing on the Grand Banks. European Union inspectors will not examine any of Canadaís evide ....


  DFO Enforces Overfishing by Arresting NFLD Youngsters
Carefree and havin' fun

Department of Fisheries flexed its muscles this week by seizing fishing gear from young children dangling a fishing line off the community wharf in Conception Bay.

It is hoped that this ....


  HMCS St. John's - Run da Rock
HMCS St. John's

Author: Merrill Skinner

There is still good in being done dispite being away from home and I thought I would share an extremly awesome experince with the reade ....


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