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  Chevron Defends Deep Water Drilling
In Pursuit of Energy

Chevron says it has never had a blowout in deep water, and it doesn't expect to have one in the Orphan Basin. The company has instituted additional measures in the Basin as a means of preventing ....


  Is the Grand Falls-Windsor Paper Mill Being Sold?
The Old Paper Mill

An European company is looking at reopening the idled AbitibiBowater mill in central Newfoundland, a cabinet minister says.

Natural Resources Minister Kathy Dunderdale told the house of ....


  Marine Atlantic Charters Two Refitted Ferries
MV Stena Traveller

(From CBC News): The Crown corporation that ....


  St. John's Named A Smart City

According to Maclean's Magazine, the City of St. John's has been named one of Canada's smartest cities by the Canadian Council on Learning. With the discovery of more than two billion barre ....


  Amelia Earhart - Newfoundland's First Female Aviator Pioneer

There is little doubt that Newfoundland's unique geographic proximity to Europe (3025 km ....


  Northern Cod Stocks Show No Improvement
Unlimited natural resources?

DFO says there has been virtually no improvement in the Northern Cod stocks in the past ten years. DFO scientists recently issued an update on the status of the cod stocks in area 2J3KL.

< ....


  The Irish Descendants Finally Caught the Wind

They grew up with it; they rode the Marine Atlantic ferries in it; they even sang about it; and today they held a press conference to tell the world that they have finally caught the wind.



  Report: Atlantic Cod Near Extinction??
Once upon a time, this was considered to be a NFLD Tom Cod

(from VOCM News) The FFAW will make representation to the federal government, asking ....


  Bay Roberts Makes 'Top Places to Live in Canada' List
Town of Bay Roberts

NFLD media slammed the town of Bay Roberts this week for coming in last on a list of 'Top Places to Live in Canada'. One headline read: "Bay Roberts Dead Last on 'Top Places to Live in Canad ....


  St. John's Writer Wins 1st Novel Award
A little bit Alice in Newfoundland

Jessica Grant was named Tuesday as the winner of the Amazon.ca First Novel Award for "Come, Thou Tort ....


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