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Welcome to the "attic" of UpAlong. This is where all of the previous Home page articles are stored once they graduate from the Home page. If you missed some (shame on you), but you can catch up here.

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  Beware the Electronic Lobster

Every now and then we find a news article that screams to be told to the world, well, the following is from CBC, NFLD:

A western Newfoundland fisherman was convicted last month of poss ....


  Johnny O'Rourke Wins Lotto

Johnny O'Rourke, the man who spent most of his bachelor days as a 'hangashore', won the lottery this past week.

Johnny, who is now married with 13 kids, and working with DFO as a Resea ....


  Employment Rate at Record High

The employment rate in the province stands at a record high 52.6 per cent with the addition of 2400 new jobs in April.

The unemployment rate increased from 12.6 per cent in March ....


  Crafty Newfounderlanders
Tablecloth - designed with things from our past

Newfoundlander Dianne Froude is one craftly lady. From Old Perlican, and currently living in St John's, Dianne has started her own craft business.

"I started doing crafts in the late 70 ....


  The Rooster From Kitchusis’s great-grand-chick

"Rooster From Kitchusis"

The famous Newfoundland’s world's greatest lover, the rooster that came from Kitchusis, indeed fathered a large and varied family. Now, one of his great-grand-chick’s is about to publish a boo ....


  RNC Toilets Stolen - Cops Have Nothing to go on
...they're gone, and now we can't go...

Happy National Police Week!!

When a RNC officer entered the bathroom facilities at the RNC headquarters in St. John's yesterday morning, he was shocked to discover that all of the toil ....


  Church Claims Exclusive Rights to 'Hail Mary'
Trade Mark?

From CBC News: Mary Brown's said it would pull posters out of its restaurants in Newfoundland and Labrador Monday after the Roman Catholic Church complained about their use of the phrase "Hail M ....


  Iceberg Season
Look at all dem cubes!

Reports out of Newfoundland this week tell of interesting icebergs, and they are plentifully this year. Icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland are a common sight in the spring.

Icebergs ....


  New Baby Bonus

Can you believe it? They brought back Smallwood's baby bonus, and are calling it the New Baby Bonus.

The Health Minister and Finance Minister provided information about the one thousa ....


  New Ferry on the Gulf
The ship's come in

This fall, Marine Atlantic will be adding a new ferry to their fleet. It will be the largest vessel ever to enter the harbour of Port aux Basques, which means more passengers, vehicles, and good ....


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