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Author: Ken Brown

Amid reports from the west coast of Newfoundland  about the demise of Humber Valley Resort, and the fallout of real estate values, Ken Brown of Royal LePage in Corner Brook is in Fort McMurray on a sales/information trip to garner interest from Newfoundlanders in the area. I'm here to see Newfoundlanders who will be returning home in the future and are looking for properties to live in back home. The Humber Valley has become an international area of interest, and despite the recent financial problems with the resort, it's a great place to invest. I have some Humber Valley Resort resale properties available, along with the new South Brook Point waterfront development in Pasadena, and brand new condominiums in downtown Corner Brook.

I've also headed up a committee of business stakeholders in western Newfoundland to continue working together and ensure a direct flight continues to Deer Lake from the UK. "Humber Direct-Air" has been meeting with many levels of Government to work on a long term plan to continue the flights. I feel the contribution from the travellers on these flights to the local economy has been tremendous, the people who come here fall in love with the Province and are not only visiting, but investing in real estate, businesses all over the island. This will be good for years to come, in particular for the Humber Valley region.

I also think Newfoundlanders who are working hard in Fort McMurray will wish to come home. The timing to buy in west Newfoundland is very good, and I hope to see many of my friends and other Newfoundlanders at the Clearwater from Nov 20-22. 


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