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Author: Rena

The first time I visited Newfoundland was back in the '80's,.  I was staying with a friends family and we all ended up going to the "park" for the Hangashore Folk Festival.  Now back in the day we were allowed to wander around and have a cold one here and there and my friend's Mom and her sister were in the tent playing cards.

Well it was my turn to go grab a few cold ones from the cooler so I headed up to our site.  Much to my surprise I could hear yelling coming from the tent where the older ladies were playing cards.  All of a sudden I heard..."Well Mil...you old slut"!  I was shocked!  Needless to say I grabbed a few beer and ran down the hill and said to my friend, think you Mom and Aunt Mil are having a fight!  She asked, "Why would you think that?" So I told her that her Mom was calling Aunt Mil an Old Slut!  Well she and rest of the family broke into laughter and laughed and laughed and laughed some more all the while I am standing there dumbfounded!  THEN they explained to me that in Newfoundland an ld Slut is a flat bottomed kettle that they used to use to hear water over a fire!!!  ha ha ha

After that I did my best to not be the one to be the one to open mouth and insert foot...I let other newbies figure it out themselves!  It was a moment I will cherish always though and it was a GREAT laugh!!

An Honorary Newfoundlander,



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