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Sunday, October 26th (Day 1):

These pictures are of the wildfires that are burning in San Diego. All of these were taken within 6 miles of our apartment. We managed to get outside to take a drive to see for ourselves the scope of what is happening. Unfortunally, we did not get very far in any direction due to road closures.

Some news highlights of today are:

  • ALL the freways are now shut down . (They said that ALL the freeways have never been shut down ever before.)
  • Scattered blazes driven by hot, dry Santa Ana winds charred at least 122,000 acres, burned at least 250 homes, killed at least 11 people and injured dozens more.
  • State and local officials declared a state of emergency for the region and were seeking federal assistance.
  • Dozens of firefighters and residents were treated for smoke inhalation and minor injuries.
  • A small plane attempting to land at Montgomery Field missed the runway due to the smoke, cartwheeling across Highway 163 south of Balboa Avenue shortly after 2 p.m., said officer Phil Konstantin of the California Highway Patrol. The pilot, the only one aboard, was able to extricate himself and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.
  • The plane caught fire in the crash and was destroyed. (about 6 miles from our apartment)
  • Area residents were asked to stay off major roadways to leave them clear for emergency equipment and to avoid unnecessary use of water to maintain water pressure for firefighters.
  • San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy asked area employers to let their employees stay home on Monday. (I get a day off!!)
  • The National Football League moved Monday night's much-anticipated game between the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins from Qualcomm Stadium to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz.
  • Frustrated fire officials said they didn't have enough people or equipment to deal with the blazes and had only two air tankers available.
  • More than 1,800 people were being treated at six American Red Cross evacuation shelters.
  • A huge plume of smoke towered over much of the county, raining a thick layer of ash stretching to the Pacific Ocean.
  • More than 21,000 San Diego Gas & Electric customers were left without power after the fires knocked down power polls and high voltage lines, spokeswoman Stephanie Donovan said.
  • The areas affected include Alpine, Borrego, Mira Mesa, Poway, Santee and Tierrasanta.
  • Major road closures throughout the county brought travel to a standstill. The countywide closures were the worst in memory, said the CHP's Konstantin.
  • "Every major freeway in the county is affected directly except for Interstate 5 and Highways 78 and 56," Konstantin said.
  • Air traffic into San Diego's Lindbergh Field and other Southern California airports was held on the ground at originating airports after the FAA's Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control had to be evacuated as the Cedar Fire spread onto MCAS Miramar.
  • Southwest Airlines announced it was temporarily suspending flights into and out of Lindbergh Field and other Southern California airports.

For News Updates, go to www.signonsandiego.com


Here are the photo's from Sunday (Day 1): Click on a photo for enlargement:

Smoke as seen from my apartment balcony
Smoke as seen from my apartment balcony
This is the sun at 2:00 this afternoon. It was dark like da night all day.
Smoke as seen from in front of my apartment.
Rising plumes seen from the road beside our home.
More smoke. At times it looked like Southern Thunderstorm clouds.
A usually busy intersection near one of the fires.
Rising plumes coming from the other side of town.
The fire is right behind that ridge!
This road is usually traffic-jammed at this time of day.
Rising plums near a neighbourhood. Several houses were lost.
We were getting close to the fire here!
I-15 On-Ramp is closed.
I-15 On-Ramp is closed.
The hill behind these houses are burning. This just started!
Birth of a wildfire.
It grows up fast!
..... extremely fast!!!
Another view of the newest fire.
Distance view of the Valley Center Fire.
Valley Center Fire - miles away.
Valley Center Fire - miles away.
Giant Plumes
Part of the city was destroyed here. Access is denied.
More Smoke.
Smoke from two fires meet.
The Eastern edge of the fires. The smoke lightens and we can see the sun..
How many helicopters can you see here?
I spotted two helicopters circling. This area did not survive.
People in this area are outside, nervously waiting.
A brief glance of the sun.
This is that new fire we saw eariler. We are now back close to our home.
Another view of the new fire.
It's scary to know how close the fire is.
Still close to our home.
More smoke and fire.
Another car on the road with us.
Smoke, about 5 miles our home.
Map of today's fires. We are in Poway.



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