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Monday, October 27th (Day 2):

Here are more pictures of the fires that are buring around us. I got out at 6:00 am, before it got too active, and managed to get some cool shots. I was able to get past some secure areas this morning and enter on the understanding that it was "at my own risk".

Luckily, the fires are not as close to us today as they were yesterday. We are actually able to relax today.

Some news highlights of today are:

  • Scripps Ranch area hit by fire looks like "a war zone," Mayor Dick Murphy says at a news conference introducing Gov. Gray Davis.
  • Closure of the FAA air traffic control facility on Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has caused lingering air travel delays nationwide, according to the Reuters news service.
  • Hundreds of flights into and out of Southern California have been cancelled and others have been delayed by up to 8 hours.
  • Crews are trying to clear the Miramar building of smoke and restore service, the FAA says.
  • The governor says he has ordered another 60 fire engines into San Diego County in addition to the 110 fire engines already in the county and expects some to begin arriving this afternoon.
  • President Bush has signed a federal disaster declaration for Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties, the White House announces.
  • The San Diego Police Department helicopter (ABLE) makes a precautionary landing at Madison High School, 4800 Doliva. The aircraft and the crew (2) are fine. The aircraft had just left Montgomery Field on a post-maintenance flight when a guage indicated an overheating jet engine. A mechanic will evaluate whether the helicopter can be flown out or will be towed.

For News Updates, go to www.signonsandiego.com


Here are the photo's from Monday (Day 2): Click on a photo for enlargement:

Map of today's fires. We are in Poway.
Smoke being back-lit by the sunrise.
Chared area from last night. This neighorbourhood was saved.
Hills of black. This used to look like Ireland just days ago.
Construction equipment that became fire-fighting equipment last night.
Burned out area in the foreground. Fire buring in back.
Endless hills and valleys of black.
Sun-Up and the fires are gaining new life.
The city looks like a ghost town.
An errie sunrise.
The first plume of the morning.
The smoke had settled during the night. It is harder to breathe today.
More destruction. this taken from a gas station. Could have been much worse.
Looks like early morning fog.
A hill-top fire reminds me of a volcano.
Another view of the giant plume. This one looms over the entire city.
Another sun-rise shot. It is extremely quiet this morning. No birds.
One of many warning signs.
Close-up view of a burned out hill.
This valley has been totally destroyed.
In the next valley, the destruction continues.
Burned out hill after hill, after hill.
This company was lucky not to have been destroyed.
Another view of the volcano.
Amazing that just hours ago this was on fire.
Not much left here.
Smoke from three fires.
View of the fires from space... This was a hard shot to get....
I-15 near Miramar Air Station.
(AP Photo)
The fire line nears a Scripps Ranch development.
(AP Photo)
The fire line nears a Scripps Ranch development.
(AP Photo)
The fire moves south down Oak Canyon toward the 52 freeway.
(AP Photo)
A San Diego police officer backs his car off Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
(AP Photo)
San Diego firefighters work to keep the fire from jumping Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
(AP Photo)
Fire rages on the east side of the I-15 at Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
(AP Photo)
Fire engulfs a luxury home in the Scripps Ranch.
(AP Photo)
The burning remains of an airplane which crash into the center divide on northbound Hwy. 163 just south of Balboa Ave.
(AP Photo)
A house fully engulfed in flames burns on Caminito Suelto Scripps Ranch.
(AP Photo)


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