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Author: Tracy Gillingham

I just came back from Central Newfoundland on a 2 week holiday. I drove across the country to BC 2½yrs ago. What a beautiful country we have. Although, nothing beats Newfoundland. I’m originally born in Gander, but raised in Appleton.

In central Newfoundland, people like to visit the Gander Lake for many reasons. Its looks so pure and blue, I don’t think I’ve seen water look so nice.

The “Silent Witness Memorial Sight” is also out looking the lake. This site and story behind it is actually on Unsolved Mysteries!!

There’s also Joey’s Lookout (Joey Smallwood) This looks out over Gambo. In the summer there’s a hotdog man, and also those telescope lookout thingys.

Terra Nova National Park.. in this park there is a beautiful Sandy Pond, and lots of trails and lookouts.

East Port Beach!!! Awesome white sand.. I think it’s the only “real” beach in Newfoundland that I know of.

The Gander Airport is also fun.. you can see the runway lights come on and then you park in the line of the plane. It will fly right over your head just like in the movies.

When I was home, I was able to go Ice fishing at Big Jays and enjoy a nice ski doo ride. I attached some pics. The sunset is at Smith’s Pond.

I miss home everyday, and the people I miss more than any words could describe.

Your lost Newfie,
Tracy Gillingham


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