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Author: Merrill Skinner

There is still good in being done dispite being away from home and I thought I would share an extremly awesome experince with the readers.

To drive for Port Au Basque to St. John's is a long drive but to run it is just awesome. The crew of HMCS St. John's have been running across the province for 12 years and this year marks the 13th. 12 runners from the ship have been doing this to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation of Newfoundland and Labador. For three year straight Brady Ward and Myself had the honour to do it. The the past 12 years the crew as raised alomst $200,000.00 and help grant wishes to kids with a high risk or life threating illness. Last year was the best year to date we raised over $35,000.00 in 10 days. During the run we meet with some great people and our shipmates that were not from the Rock that ran were treated like kings and queens. Our trek was filled with so many emotions and many tears as we had the honour to meet and chat with wish children. I am happy to have been a part of helping put a smile on faces of these kids. Last year I also had a great priviledge of doing the run with my young sister and to have shared that experince is something to cheerish.

Also in the past three years my community of Belleroam and surrounding areas have given tremendous support to the team from great donations, to bringing in Lobster to Grand Falls to feed team. I could not thank them enough. My family knocked on doors to get pledges and in total last year the town and them raised over $1000.00

Brady's family from Grand Falls Windsor did also an awesome job in raising over $1000.00 in the last two years. Last year our new comer Lonnie Bryant from Burnt Island his family and community help raised over $1000.00. So you see there is still good being done and as we ran along the TCH many driver stopped and made donations. So along with the cadets of NL we reached our goal of 35K.

During our run we took advantage of the great sites and sounds. The Nippers got a good feed off us and the people were great like they always are. Once the site sets up a photo gallery I hope to post a few pictures to show the readers just what an experince it was.

I thought I would let the readers know that there is still good being done by Newfoundlanders away from home. I hope if anyone got a story they would share it here so we all can see what good we do.


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