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Author: Bernadette Young

Originally submitted as a Guestbook Signature


Somehow we all lost a little part of ourselves, in our home towns. We can never be a whole person, because Newfoundland keeps us there, tugging at our hearts, grabbing at our roots.

Family to and fro, all around the land, friends are our memories, our dreams of one day we will all be together once again.

I know that will never be for me. It has been too long.

They never know my love for them.

God gave me a gift, he gave me a piece of heaven to be born in and to remember forever deep within my heart. You may all have forgotten about me, but be dammed if I will ever forget you, for you are my roots, my name sake, you are my blood and far most you are what I am today....A proud NEWFOUNDLANDER [ I will NEVER forget where I can from].

I was taken away from home at the age of 11. My heart was never the same, it bled all the way to Toronto. A strained path that followed the big boat back home without me in it. I left all my feeling at home, was numb for years to follow and when I look at pictures of home I feel sick, HOME SICK - like I died all over again.

Don't ever leave home, or take your babies away from their safe haven. God gave us a gift, he gave us the only gift a person would ever want, for God gave us NEWFOUNDLAND, the best gift of all.

Stay safe my dear friends.....loving you all forever, forever in my heart. MY STORY HAS NO END....


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