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Buddy, just in from the Food Fishery

Any time that anyone has a problem, there is always someone else waiting in the wings to offer them advice. On this web site, we have our old Newfie buddy, Buddy. He's always been there to offer up a helping hand or word of advice. Buddy is a man of the world and an expert on almost every subject (except spelling)... expecially since he discovered how to surf the Internet.


If you want to ask Buddy a question, on any topic, you can now Email him. Questions will be posted as soon as Buddy can come up with a suitable response.


Questions from Readers:

Question #1:

Hey Buddy,

How is ya me son? I gots a question fer ya. I moved to Fort McMurray 4years ago, with my husband and family to find work. We are thinking about coming home, cause we are home sick, only one of my kids were born in Newfoundland, she is almost 5, the other 2 have never been to the Rock. Do you think they will have trouble adjusting?

- Away to long


Dear Away,

How's she goin', me old trout?

Ye'll have nuttin' ta worry about. Fort McMurray has almost as many Newoundlanders as da Rock herself has got. Dem youngsters should be used to Newfies by now.

When ya gets dem youngsters back to da island, dey'll fall right in love with da place. Dey'll have more freedoms and will enjoy da outdoors more, because, as you know, back on da Rock, ye can let em run around outside without da same worries you'd 'ave if ye were to remain Upalong.

The only problem I can foresee is in finding out how old yer 2 youngsters that were born away need to be before you can Screech dem in.

- Buddy


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