Easter memories
Written by:Doug Dwyer   
Posted On:3/23/2008 9:54:35 AM   

 Its Easter....and we all have a big problem. Its going to freeze again tonight... even harder tomorrow night. There goes our fruit for another year. But at least it looks like a fair year for hay.
    I remember a few Easter Sundays a long time ago.  My daughters went for an Easter egg hunt in the snow. They had hid the eggs and then it started to snow.. About six inches fell in about an hour.. I don't think they found half of those eggs.  The girls were very young and now they are in their 40's, so It was a long time ago and a long way away.
    Way back when, we would have a big dinner of wild game of some kind.. Moose, bear, rabbit or maybe goose. It was a rough area and there was not a lot of money to buy turkeys even if they were available. Wild meat was plentiful at this time of year but it was to early to have sea food as all the ocean was full of ice. It would be another month or more before it left.
    There was plenty of potatoes, cabbage, turnips and maybe some carrots. They were in our root cellar from last fall. Canned veggies were at the store but cash was hard to come by. The hens were putting out a few eggs to but it was early in the year. There was lots of milk, butter and cheese as we had our own cows.  We also had warm socks and mittens as we had our own sheep and Grandma was real good at knitting.
     The day would start real early with going to church. If the preacher was here.. He had to go to a few places and may  not make it to us if the roads were bad. He traveled by horse and sleigh.or buggy, depending on the weather. He would stay the night with some one  and go on to another church in the morning after service or return home.  I remember putting his horse in our barn and rubbing him down good, feeding him the best grain and hay.  He was coal black and stood higher then my head, but he was gentle and friendly.
     Our world was much more simple then. We didn't have much but we were not hungry and we didn't have to worry about getting anyplace if it stormed.  There were very few cars because there was very few places to go that you couldn't walk to. School was just a mile or so and we were one of those that had a long way to walk. Small stores were here and there along the road. Not to far from anyone. But there were very few things we had to have there except for dads cigarette tobacco. We did have to buy kerosene for our lights. There was no electricity until after I went away to join the Air Force.  Our radio was run by a big battery that cost about $6. every six months or so. We had to go easy on that. $6 was more then a days pay back then. There was no TV. I don't think it had even been available in the big cities yet.
      Funny, you don't miss what you never had...

This Opinion by: Boxey-Uncle-Kev
Posted On:3/26/2008 1:13:06 PM     

I remember the ole travelling preacher - we used to pray for bad weather.


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