Taking time to smell the Roses
Written by:Bridget Meary Meehan   
Posted On:8/5/2011 9:43:44 AM   

Living simply is really important to me.  Being blessed with the love of simplicity, I have a life that permits me to stop and smell the roses. 

I have been to visit a friend this morning.  She took sick several years ago when a tooth that she was ignoring caused a brain infection.  She had a stroke during her hospitalization; she is in a wheelchair these days.  She is my age.  We used to do such hilarious things together.  We still laugh together about those antics!

This morning I popped over to give her a shirt that I picked up while I was shopping on Anna Maria Island. 

One of the shops of AMI

She was still looking good.  Funny how things don't slow some people down.  We were chuckling about silly convincing my DH to upgrade our cable.  We both knew that by Friday of this week he will come around.  Digital cable is the best for that flat-screen television.  But he likes to be stubborn...we both know that he loves watching his drag racing.  It is in the

When I look at my friend I don't see the changes in her face that accompanied the stroke.  I see the sparkle in her eyes; she loves to hear about things outside the walls of the nursing home.  She does not carry on and question how this could have happened to her.  She is making lemonade with the lemons that were given to her in this life.  That spirit outshines the physical changes; she is a woman of courage.

We rolled on up the hall to the computer that the home has in place for the residents to use.  She did it herself using her legs to propel her with gusto.  Together we sat there perusing the photos of the mobile home that we just bought in Florida.  She liked the pictures and we chatted about what we could do with that family room.  That was a nice washer and know.  Just girlfriends catching up.  Smelling the roses, like you would.

I showed her the beautiful sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island.  What a gift!  To have a place that is 10 mins from the beaches.  That sugar-white sand is so striking against that beautiful blue looks like a little bit of paradise.  

Aerial View of AMI

We both thought that being 1.5 hours from Disney World was a good thing!  I hope that we can see it together sometime.  I told her that all the grandkids are lining up already...they want to go to DW!  I told them to start saving their money, I said.  She cracked up.  We both know that I won't be content until every one of them has made the trip.  My own sons had been there three times when their Dad was in the US Navy.  It is time for the little ones to see Mickey!  She knew that her little ones were going to be lining up as well.  Isn't it funny how you don't have to say some things?  You just know.

After we checked out the map of Florida so I could give her an idea of how close we will be to the beach we signed off.  We meandered back to her room.  I wondered if she was happy being there.  Her kids come to see her throughout the week.  The photos of them and the grandkids are all in place where she can see them.   Although she says that she does not like it there she acknowledges that she is comfortable.  I know she is being strong. 

As I hugged her before I headed home I was glad that we had this visit.  The laughter brought back such memories.  I do hope that she will get to come down to Florida this year.  We would have such fun...laughing in the shade of some palm tree on a sugar-white beach.  We will have to dip our toes in the Gulf of Mexico.  That is what one does...

May God keep her safe and well. 

We go back a long ways. 

This Opinion by: Donyell
Posted On:12/28/2011 10:28:24 PM     

Stands back from the keyboard in amazenmet! Thanks!

This Opinion by: Caiden
Posted On:12/30/2011 6:39:41 PM     

Your story was really ionframitve, thanks!

This Opinion by: marcus
Posted On:1/7/2015 6:55:44 AM     



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