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Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its Screech In tradition, and people from the province love to stay in touch with their roots.

We thought it would be fun to combine these wonderful things, along with the modern "shout out", and provide a place where you can leave a message for someone, or a group of someones, or someone, or a group of someones, can leave a message for you.



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Name:  Marilyn (Walters) Wokatsch   Screech Out  
Home Town: Port-Aux-Basques   To:
Current Town :  Maple Ridge, BC   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  5/17/2008 12:36:15 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hi again Kevin. Just back online again after being away for the winter.
I am interested in finding some people . Anyone knowing of their whereabouts plesae leave message here or e mail me. (1) Roy Young ( Use to work for IOC in Labrador City 1969-70; originally from Stephenville area) (2) Relatives from Grand Bank area ... Winnifred Lace ( daughters Greta/Hazel and a son whose name I have forgotten. Greta was married to a John Clark and they moved to Ontario. ) Thanks .

Name:  Boxey-Uncle-Kev   Screech Out  
Home Town: Boxey, Fortune Bay   To: Newfie's Everywhere
Current Town :  .   Their Hometown: Da Rock
Signed on :  5/17/2008 12:32:10 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Lift your glass or bottle high and lets toast to the great pice of grannite that we all call HOME.

May God continue to smile down upon her and continue to bless all of us who were lucky enough to come from her.

Name:  Calvin Waterman   Screech Out  
Home Town: Gambo   To:
Current Town :  Gambo   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  4/1/2008 3:09:44 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Looking for old friends I worked with in Alberta.

Name:  Julie Demerly   Screech Out  
Home Town: Embree, NF   To:
Current Town :  Mayville, USA   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/31/2008 6:48:32 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

My family and I just sat here and read all 135 jokes.We really laughed alot. Awesome!!!

Name:  Lewis pilgrim   Screech Out  
Home Town: ST Anthony   To:
Current Town :  Loch Broom NS (near Pictou)   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/30/2008 7:47:55 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Retired from the Auto. industry, Living in NS, Will move to NFLD for the Summers.
Excellent site. Left ST Anthony in 1968.
Hello! to all my Newfie Friends.

Name:  Rose Ann Hiscock   Screech Out  
Home Town: Belleoram, NFLD   To:
Current Town :  Lower Sackville, NS   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/21/2008 11:12:19 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hi Kev,
Great website, i can only imagine how much time it takes to do this, I heard you were going to in NS for easter, would be great to see you if you get this before you leave to go back. I live in Millwood subdivision.

Rose Ann

Name:  Georgina Pearce   Screech Out  
Home Town: St John's Nfld   To:
Current Town :  Toronto Ontario   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/18/2008 8:35:08 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Great site

Name:  sheila gillespie (tippett)   Screech Out  
Home Town: st johns (443southside rd.)   To:
Current Town :  musgrave harbour nl.   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/17/2008 5:29:45 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

just here to say hi and hope to see alot of memories from home....

Name:  Bobby Gillespie   Screech Out  
Home Town: St.John's   To:
Current Town :  Cambridge On.   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/16/2008 7:56:34 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

looking for some memories from home just getting a little homesick.

Name:  fabian keeping   Screech Out  
Home Town: burnt islands nl   To:
Current Town :  pouch cove nl   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  3/16/2008 4:08:53 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

hello i was born at burnt islands nl in 1959 just wondering if there are any other people on this site from this town


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