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What is a 'Screech out'?
Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its Screech In tradition, and people from the province love to stay in touch with their roots.

We thought it would be fun to combine these wonderful things, along with the modern "shout out", and provide a place where you can leave a message for someone, or a group of someones, or someone, or a group of someones, can leave a message for you.



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Name:  Bernice (Shapter)Petherbridge   Screech Out  
Home Town: St.John's   To:
Current Town :  Edmonton,Alberta   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/17/2008 12:47:02 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Just like to say hello to all my friend from Newfoundland who lives aboard, I went to Holy Heart of Mary High School, so any of former students from 1965-1968 feel free to contact me. If anyone knows of a Terry Kelly please give her my address and ask her to e-mail me, as I would love to hear from her.

Name:  Marg Dollmont Flaherty   Screech Out  
Home Town: Freshwater   To: Monica Kelly Long
Current Town :  St. Phillip's   Their Hometown: placentia
Signed on :  2/13/2008 11:20:31 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hi Monica; Saw your name and couldn't help but remember the good time in Virginia Beach !

Name:  Maureen Schifferns   Screech Out  
Home Town: Ship Harbour,Placentia Bay   To:
Current Town :  Surrey,BC   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/11/2008 9:41:14 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Good place to make ya homesick! Awesome site!!

Name:  Shelley Crews (Fizzard)   Screech Out  
Home Town: english harbour west   To:
Current Town :  brooks alberta   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/10/2008 8:00:34 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

i would love to live home again, the pictures makes me home sick.

Name:  Joan (Melita) Osbourne (Stewart)   Screech Out  
Home Town: Boxey, FB   To:
Current Town :  Halifax,NS   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/10/2008 5:25:46 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Great site Kevin. Hope everything is well with you all.

Name:  Marilyn Woodworth   Screech Out  
Home Town: McKay's, Bay St. George,NL   To: Iris Woodworth-Watson
Current Town :  Pleasant River, NS   Their Hometown: McKay's, Bay St. George, NL
Signed on :  2/10/2008 11:53:28 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hi there Sis. See you soon. Hope it's not too snowy in New Hampshire this winter.

Name:  John Murray   Screech Out  
Home Town: Marystown ,NL   To:
Current Town :  Oakville Ont,   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/9/2008 10:03:24 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Good Show All Around

Name:  Cindy Whiteway(Caines)   Screech Out  
Home Town: Pool's cove,NL.   To: Fitzgerald high class of 1988
Current Town :  Lower Sackville,N.S.   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  2/4/2008 4:23:36 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Awesome site Kevin! Just wanted to say hi to everyone from Fitzgerald high class of 1988.It has been twenty years guy's! Thank you Kevin for giving us this opportunity to reconnect. Cindy

Name:  darian milley   Screech Out  
Home Town: bishop's falls   To:
Current Town :  enfield,nova scotia   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  1/26/2008 8:45:10 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

hey kevin,i finally had chance to view this site and i love it.
keep up the great work..........

Name:  Mary   Screech Out  
Home Town: Greenspond   To:
Current Town :  St. John's   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  1/25/2008 11:29:59 PM      
Message or Screech Out:



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