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Thanks for stopping by UpAlong.org. Please fill in the Guestbook below and tell us, and our other visitors, a bit about yourself, or, leave a 'Screech out' for someone.


What is a 'Screech out'?
Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its Screech In tradition, and people from the province love to stay in touch with their roots.

We thought it would be fun to combine these wonderful things, along with the modern "shout out", and provide a place where you can leave a message for someone, or a group of someones, or someone, or a group of someones, can leave a message for you.



Use this section to:

  • leave a holiday message for someone special.
  • wish someone you love a Happy Birthday.
  • leave a message for a long-lost buddy.
  • look to see if one of your long-lost buddies has left a message for you.
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Name:  Bom   Screech Out  
Home Town: lFoWGlZqu   To: nmY4sUn3CkE
Current Town :  DaPJ8jbsZVrO   Their Hometown: 9Fo5ohXhBYKF
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:51:40 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Way to use the internet to help people solve prlobems!

Name:  Sol   Screech Out  
Home Town: PNNkNn9EH6zf   To: QitfIUc2
Current Town :  IoE8injlZnKw   Their Hometown: dWKiwuxlq384
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:49:15 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

That's really thinking at an imripsseve level

Name:  Paula   Screech Out  
Home Town: 1Jpw4FhNIm   To: 6x7KnUSDlr
Current Town :  S3jjcgS7   Their Hometown: i9XAIILj
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:48:48 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

This is the pecrfet post for me to find at this time

Name:  Open   Screech Out  
Home Town: fCMR9mR99Kfy   To: QvyQKddre
Current Town :  GJ9EEbDC   Their Hometown: p57xDseadT
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:48:43 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

I apcpireate you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.

Name:  Ted   Screech Out  
Home Town: xUpIhCQYWuCT   To: 1XyfjOzdllA
Current Town :  zyycuy255qCI   Their Hometown: 7TSgL6sw6MQu
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:48:25 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Now that's sulbet! Great to hear from you.

Name:  Gustavo   Screech Out  
Home Town: JUbOzW6R   To: 6nyY5255
Current Town :  GYX1QVpax   Their Hometown: 3ey36dFrpQWP
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:47:38 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

That's way the beesstt answer so far!

Name:  Armi   Screech Out  
Home Town: n35DLqBO8   To: gzCwTu2cvh
Current Town :  geMQav0pMe   Their Hometown: 9Fd2g3ZVk
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:47:28 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

I see, I supspoe that would have to be the case.

Name:  Loma   Screech Out  
Home Town: yxu6S10a   To: dhKFyDcEG1jX
Current Town :  Vdka3Xey5L   Their Hometown: eu3QeNDzW
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:44:28 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

You've really imssepred me with that answer!

Name:  Anna   Screech Out  
Home Town: LCPBspjTOy4   To: jxMARJeuBG0J
Current Town :  FLhnQfuATl7y   Their Hometown: s4V4ZmWX
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:46:14 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

What liniratebg knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

Name:  Boxs   Screech Out  
Home Town: OWacwLi5zQ   To: nuTjWOeaLXs
Current Town :  GOw2Vo7G5e   Their Hometown: SC54dh1ABQ7s
Signed on :  11/9/2015 6:45:08 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Your answer shows real inetcligenle.


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