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Newfoundland and Labrador is famous for its Screech In tradition, and people from the province love to stay in touch with their roots.

We thought it would be fun to combine these wonderful things, along with the modern "shout out", and provide a place where you can leave a message for someone, or a group of someones, or someone, or a group of someones, can leave a message for you.



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Name:  Allan Spencer   Screech Out  
Home Town: Pass Island / Boxey   To:
Current Town :  Edson, AB   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/30/2007 6:07:08 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hi nephew. Saw and read the article in the Coaster while I was home this summer. Its nice to see a local boy do well for himself, and make a name for himself. We listens to Jig FM while we are at home, it helps keep my sanity while living in Alberta. Nothing like that Newfoundland music ! Keep up the good work with your site and I'll be talking tom you later.

Name:  Boxey-Uncle-Kev   Screech Out  
Home Town: Boxey   To: Jim Strowbridge
Current Town :  .   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/30/2007 5:04:54 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hey Jim,

I wish I were there with you!!! You made me hungry with all that food. Too bad I didn't know ahead of time you were going or I could've had nan fix you supper.


Name:  Jim Strowbridge   Screech Out  
Home Town: Queen's Cove   To: Kev
Current Town :  Millertown   Their Hometown: Boxey
Signed on :  8/30/2007 12:13:13 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Finally got an opportunity to quickly have a road trip to Connaigre Peninsula. Actually never heard of that peninsula, just not use to using that term, use to south coast u knows bye, or ah yea, you'll like this one, Bay Despair…anyways did the full tour, Belloram (yea right, and I thought me fadder was born between two rocks in Butter Cove, Trinity Bay), Pools Cove, English Harbour, your home town of Boxey etc. Overnight in Aarbour Breton, (in da park,Deadman's Cove, in da tent dat is, soon has I began to open the zipper of the tent to get breakfast, the rain starts. Yepppie, cook breakfast in park shelter, toutons, bacon, eggs, eheheeh, all good now. The rain shower ends, and on we go to xplore Hermitage, Conne river and Milltown. Fast track trip, but my first time down under. Looking forward to another trip, Pools cv to Rencontre…


Name:  Otis Keeping   Screech Out  
Home Town: Boxey   To:
Current Town :  Mississauga Ontario   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/20/2007 12:20:52 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Just wanted to say hi to all the newfies on and off the rock.

Name:  marilyn wokatsch   Screech Out  
Home Town: Port-Aux-Basques   To:
Current Town :  Maple Ridge, BC   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/18/2007 6:32:32 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Just became aware of this site. I grew up in PAB, lived in Labrador City and then moved west with my husband back in 1974. Maiden name Walters .. any one remembering me can leave a message or e mail.

Name:  Mike Madigan SharecropperTRio   Screech Out  
Home Town: Pasadena NL   To:
Current Town :    Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/18/2007 4:03:02 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Hey folks. Hope you enjoy Kev's contest. We're glad to give a complimentary cd to the winner. This site is super! All the best...Mike Madigan sharecropper_trio@yahoo.com

Name:  Craig Fiander   Screech Out  
Home Town: Coomb's Cove, Fortune Bay   To:
Current Town :  Kingston, Nova Scotia   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/18/2007 3:48:36 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Just looking to make/keep in contact with anyone from the Coomb's Cove area.

Name:  Tom Ward   Screech Out  
Home Town: Carbonear   To:
Current Town :  Ottawa   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/18/2007 1:56:24 PM      
Message or Screech Out:

Would like to hear from anyone from the Carbonear area and lived there during the 1950s

Name:  Vera Wendt   Screech Out  
Home Town: Whitbourne,NL   To:
Current Town :  Star Valley, Arizona   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/13/2007 3:15:35 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

Lovely site, nice to see all the Newfies here. I left home quite a few years ago. We try to go back often. We spent six weeks there last summer, had a wonderful time. We plan on going back again soon. We just got back from an eight week trip to Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.
Gren, thanks for telling me about this site.

Name:  Sylvia   Screech Out  
Home Town: Dunville   To:
Current Town :  Fort McMurray   Their Hometown:
Signed on :  8/3/2007 1:09:09 AM      
Message or Screech Out:

To all those back in Newfoundland we were affected by the storm Chantal, my hearts and prayers are with you all. I seen pictures of my hometown --Dunville and was totally blown away---wow....
Glad no one was hurt----or worse...


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