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I am interested in trading links with other sites that have interests related to Newfoundland and Labrador, and even Canada. Newfoundland Books offer a choice of literature on Newfoundland history and Newfoundland culture that record the life of a people dependent on the cod fishery, the hardships they faced making a living off the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the unique customs and traditions that they have developed. Atlantic Canada's largest magazine, formally known as the Downhomer, this link will lead you to the powerhouse of Newfoundland web sites. On the wonderful Island of Newfoundland there is an area known as Freshwater Bay. It was here in the town of Gambo that I was born on July 19, 1956. Life was much simpler in those days and less complicated unlike present day Newfoundland. The first Brentnall to have arrived here was Robert who had hailed from Saint John New Brunswick in.... Ridiculous rants and boredom breakers from a Newfoundlander migrated to Moncton, New Brunswick.

This site is intended to be interactive. Read the posts, make comments, express yourself, relay your own experiences related to the topics mentioned or comments made by others. The Newfoundland Association of Victoria has been established for individuals from Newfoundland and Labrador living in British Columbia.

Their objective is to have fun, enjoy life and to be active members of the community. They make the Memorial University of Newfoundland  faculty and graduation rings but also have a special interest in Newfoundland crests and insignia.  Lots of pictures on the website....feel free to take a look. 

They have been in business for almost 20 years and are a well known company in the province. The people of the island province of Newfoundland and Labrador have always had to leave home in order to find employment. In the early days, people left to go out on the banking schooners. Later, people left to head to mainland Canada. Eventually, some adventurous Newfoundlanders found their way to California. Being so far away from home, living in a foreign country, with a new way of life, friends, and culture, Newfoundlanders often feel that it is important to hang on to their Newfoundland roots. It only take 2 "Newfies" to meet up for a Newfoundland Club to be born.


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Site Name: From Newfoundland to UpAlong


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Description: As the title and name, “From Newfoundland to UpAlong”, implies, this site caters to those of us who had to leave our province. We tackle some of the province's problems, such has out migration, that have lead to the mass exodus of folks from our province.


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