Goes Back, b'y   Born A Baptist

Author: UpAlong

A Baptist man lived in a traditional Catholic community. Every Friday, the Catholics were driven crazy because, while they were morosely eating fish, the Baptist was outside barbecuing steaks.

The Catholics worked on the Baptist, attempting to convert him to Catholicism. Finally, after much pleading and some threats, the Catholics succeeded.

They took the Baptist to a priest who sprinkled Holy Water on the man while saying, "Born a Baptist, Raised a Baptist, Now a Catholic!"

The Catholics were ecstatic but this was short-lived for, the next Friday evening, the scent of barbecue again drifted through the community. The Catholics all rushed to the ex-Baptist's house to remind him of his new diet.

They found him standing over the barbecue cooking steaks, sprinkling water on the meat and saying, "Born a cow, Raised a cow, Now a fish!"


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