Goes Back, b'y    Heart Foundation.....

Author: Justme

 A long time ago.....(well about 25 to 30 years ago)     My sister was helping  our Aunt  to do the door to door collection for  , The Heart Foundation. ( In a small town in Nfld)    Now my sister was very shy at the time and  was quite nervous about having to go knock on the door and say........"Good evening, I am collecting for The Heart Foundation, would you like to make a donation"?  But she did it , because it was such a good cause, and she did so want to help out  our Aunt  by doing this.  Besides it was after all,  only one night  out of her young life............So the appointed evening arrived and off she went with Auntie  in her car.....they stopped on this one street and Auntie took one side of the street while Sister took the other.   After knocking on several doors and saying....." Good evening , I am collecting for The Heart Foundation, would you like to make a donation?  My sister knocked at one door and still  being just as nervous as if it was the very first door that she had knocked on ,said to the person who answered the door......" Good evenging, I am collecting for ........(now get this)   The Fart Houndation , would you like to make a donation?  Then she realized what she had said.......oh my  the poor little thing she was so embarresed, I bet she never colected for anything ever again......She do work with the public every day now tho , and have been doing so since about the age or 17 or 18..........PS.  If she reads this and knows I sent it in.....I will need to run and hide.......lol


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