Goes Back, b'y   Newfie in Hell

Author: Leaf's Fan03

A Newfie died one day. Instead of going up, he went down. When he arrived in Hell, the Devil came up to him and said, "Hey Newfie, I hope you like the heat because it gets mighty hot down here."

The Newfie said, "Sure nuf, bye. The weather in Newfoundland is so bad that it's nice to get a bit of heat." And with that, the Newfie started to stroll around, quite content with the heat.

The devil decided that because this was hell, he couldn't have a happy Newfie in there. So he turned the heat up thinking that the Newfie wouldn't be able to handle it.

After the heat was turned up, the devil went out looking for the Newfie. He found him standing in front of a grill barbecuing and sing Newfie songs.

"Newfie!", the Devil shouted, "I have doubled the temperature down here and you seem to enjoy it even more than before?"

The Newfie replied, "Yes bye. The winter was so long this year and we didn't see the sun once. My old wood stove broke and I almost froze to death. This heat feels great!"

So, the Devil walked away, very upset that the Newfie is enjoying himself so much. Then the Devil had an idea. He thought that if the Newfie enjoys the heat so much, and hates the cold, that he would turn down the heat in hell so low that the Newfie would get cold and be unhappy.

A few hours later, with the temperature colder than anything Newfoundland has ever seen, the devil goes out looking for the Newfie. After a brief search, he see the Newfie dancing on top of a snow drift shouting, "The Leaf's won the playoffs! The Leaf's won the playoffs!"


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