Goes Back, b'y   Things you won't hear a true Newfoundlander say

Author: UpAlong

Things you won't hear a true Newfoundlander say

-"Wow, I've never caught a fish that big!"
-"Hey! Lets take our wives fishing!"
-"My truck can't get through that!"
-"Let's go shopping, fishing can wait."
-"Cocky, those hip boots make your butt look big and they don't match your belt!"
-"Hey, we don't need to buy those fishing flies, let's send our wives flowers instead?"
-"I caught all those rainbows on nightcrawlers."
-"I feel pretty guilty not washing those breakfast dishes before coming out here to fish!"
-"Hey somebody come land this 20" rainbow for me. I need to straighten up the camp."
-"I can't participate in National Hunting and Fishing Day cause my neighbor is throwing a tupperware party and I really need a mixing bowl."
-"I think electronic fish finders should be banned."
-"C'mon, buddy, we can watch bass fishing anytime! Figure skating's on!!"
-"We gotta throw this fish back, I don't think it will fit in the frying pan."


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