Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Homeless

Author: Randolph Greening



I look at the frost on the window and shiver

itís 35 below this side of the river

the homeless are looking for shelter to take

I hope that they find it for goodness sake.


The weatherman says itís not gonna get warm

I just pray that the homeless donít come to harm

but pray as you might it wonít stop the sorrow

there wonít be as many homeless tomorrow.


They found a man frozen today in a box

he had it set up in the ditch on the rocks

he had stuffed newspapers inside of his clothes

trying his best to keep out the cold


But the cold crept in no matter how he tried

and the awful truth is in the end he died

homeless doesnít mean they have nothing to give

homeless just means they have nowhere to live.


Some people think homeless reap what they sow

if you lost your home today where would you go?

the next time you hear about them on the news

donít criticize, walk a mile in their shoes.


                             - Randolph  2006


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