Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - My Bestest Friend

Author: Randolph Greening



My Bestest Friend


As I sit here by the campfire, and think of friends Iíve had

I remember some of the good ones, and then again some bad

I remember one in particular, fond memories fill my heart

And I recall the day she left me, it sure tore my life apart.


To let you know just how I felt, Iíll paint a scene for you

Please close your eyes and listen, youíll know why I am blue

Her big brown eyes would capture you, and keep you in her trance

And when her lips would caress your neck, youíd want to jump and dance


Her legs were sleek and beautiful, and her hair was gorgeous red

And my heart would skip a beat my friend, when she would toss her head

She kept me company many a night, and by now youíve guessed of course

My bestest friend and companion, was my big old chestnut horse.


                                                                        - Randolph 2004



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