Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Dad's Last Walk

Author: Aunt Rosie


It was just after dinner,

On that cold Christmas day,

We were too stuffed to move,

When I heard my dad say,

"Who wants go with me,

For a walk down the street?

It will make us feel better

After the good food we just ate."

Oh, I answered him politely,

Saying, "Na, not today!"

While I continued to read,

From on the couch where I lay.

Well, he just turned around,

And put on his fur cap,

Saying, "Maybe the next time,

You have a nice nap!"

Then he looked in the mirror,

As he buttoned his coat,

And adjusted the red scarf,

That he wore ‘round his throat.

Then he walked out the back door,

Leaving his family behind,

And he went for his walk

For the very last time.

But, it was three months from that day,

We walked with him, once more,

Behind his closed coffin,

Through the Funeral Home door.

Now, if I could only go back,

Yes, I surely would go,

For a walk with my father,

Through that cold Christmas snow.

P.S. My dad died on Good Friday 1989 , 3 months after Christmas day.

Rose Oldford, P.......


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