Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - I can't Live on Love

Author: Tim Brown

I Canít Live On Love

It was swift yet as deadly as the cold kiss of death
as it swept across our coast line and took away our breath
it touched every out port and tore dreams apart
left a void in my soul and an ache in my heart

It reclaimed my birth right and took away my pride
while a proud heritage, went out with the tide
I watched as my youngsters packed up to leave home
I felt as dead as my ancestors, here all alone

Oh itís no good to talk, sure its over and done
what was passed on to me, is lost to my son
we can all point the finger, at home and abroad
but our way of life died, with the ban on the cod

And killing the messenger don't ease the pain
I don't have the courage to start over again
and I can't find the words to pray anymore
since we squandered the riches, God gave us before

Oh I love the green meadows and the fresh ocean spray
but I curse the ill wind that took it away
I love the sweet memories and the blue skies above
I love this old rock but I can't live on love

Oh the damn moratorium, damn it to hell
itís taken the future and broken my will
and damn the big draggers and the fish merchants too
and damn politicians who damned me and you

We abused and we squandered, Gods gift to man
depleted the fish stocks and scarred Newfoundland
now like Adam in the garden of Eden with Eve
will God show no mercy and force us to leave

Ah but what do I know, Iíve come to the end
old fellers like me, won't see it again.
No tears for my future, my day is done
I don't weep for myself, I weep for my son.


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