Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - A Toast to My Island

Author: Kevin Rowsell

you're cradled by the waves of the Atlantic

so peacefully you lay there all alone,

as you cry out for the Sons, who's gone and left you

and pray that they will soon be coming home.

we've scared your bosom with our saws and axes

dug deep into your heart to take your wealth,and when there was no more , we turned and left you,

not caring how you looked or how you felt,

OH how I miss your cool clear crystal water,

your blanket of refreshing country air,

and winding roads through forests tall

where we used to roam.

Makes me wish that I could soon be there.

I miss the firie colors of your autumn

your winter scenes which nothing can compare

But spring will bring a robin to my window

telling me that summers in the air.

The beauty of your shoreline is a wonder,

How nature carved you from the rock and sand

and made you the prettiest Island in the whole wide world

This makes me Proud to be yours , NEWFOUNDLAND.


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