Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Lucky Fisherman

Author: James R. Yetman

Lucky Fisherman

Iím a salty old fisherman

who spent years on the sea

many strange things

have happened to me

One day on the water

while jigging for Cod

my line snagged in the bottom

oh blessed dear God

I tugged on the jigger

trying to bust free my line

when the bottom starts coming

along with the twine

I started to tire

and stops for a blow

looks over the gunwhale

and whadda know

Me jiggers embedded

in an old muddy crate

then I starts into haulin

for now I canít wait

It might be a treasure

of lost pirates gold

I know pirates were here

from the stories Iím told

I pulled in the crate

ontop of the cuddy

me two poor ole legs

were turniní to puddy

I ripped off the cover

to peer down inside

and what I had seen

sure I thought I had died

There was no gold or jewels

like I formerly thought

but various fishes

cooked in there own broth

There was Tuna and Salmon

all packed in a can

Sardines and Crab Meat

yes sir Mister Man

A good Seafood platter

I hauled up that day

The perfect Jigs Dinner

now wouldnít ya say

How many fishermen

can you recall

comes back to the wharft

with fish processed and all


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