Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Bryantís Cove By The Sea

Author: James R. Yetman

Bryantís Cove By The Sea

Iím going back to Newfoundland

from the land of liberty

to my little Newfie hometown

of Bryantís Cove by the sea

to walk along the valley road

where breezes softly blow

and to gaze out oíer the ocean

where the tides of memory flow

to walk along the beaches

down below Hearnís meadow green

up to the lovely Earth Hill

so peaceful and serene

take a stroll down on the feather

view the point and valley scene

and out the cove see fishing boats

in waters emerald green

Go take a walk down the old point road

and see my friends from home

and tell my lovel;y sweetheart

I want never more to roam

go tell the lads and lassies

Iím where I want to be

In my little newfie hometown

of Bryants Cove by the sea


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