Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Fish Ní Brewis Recipe

Author: James R. Yetman

Fish Ní Brewis Recipe

Boneless, Skinless

dried salt fish

sliced in sections

on a dish

soaked in water overnight

adding hardtack

to make it right

a job well done

now for the night

go to bed

and wake up bright

Then tomorrow

when you arise

wash the sleep

out of your eyes

Change the water

on the fish

and add some more

much as you wish

Bring the water to a boil

youíll be finished in awhile

boil the fish for twenty minutes

discard the bones

thatís surely in it

then bring your hardtack to a boil

drain it off

keep hot awhile

mix the hardtack and the fish

then serve it up

bíy wat a dish

and donít forget

fat back for scrunchions

Lord tunderiní jeezuz

wat a luncheon


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