Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Duck Hunting By Moonlight

Author: James R. Yetman

This is based on a true story my Father told me that happened to him. Years ago they hunted seabirds for food and one of his favorite times to hunt was on a Moonlit night in winter, along the seashore. Seabirds, especially ducks and drakes were plentiful then and it wasn't unusual for a skilled rifleman to kill five or more birds with a single shot. My Father was a skilled hunter, one of the tricks to killing many birds with one shot was Patience. Waiting for the birds to come together and line up in a row. Sometimes this could take hours and other times just minutes. Luck of the draw.

Duck Hunting By Moonlight

The Moon palely shone

a deep yellow glow

the air cold and frosty

ground covered in snow

a lad peered o’er the ocean

so calm and serene

a good night for a Duck Hunt

like none he had seen

He moved from the window

and made ready his gear

bundling up warmly

for the frosty night air

Clasping his rifle

and bird jigger in hand

he was now ready

to set out cross the land

With each step he took

the snow crunched underneath

the night silence broken

from the sound of his feet

as he walked closer

to the edge of the bank

laying flat on his belly

in the cold snow he sank

He slowly crawled forward

til the sea came in sight

there’s a company of ducks

that he don’t want to fright

now he was thinking

if they’d dive in that spot

he could crawl closer

for a much better shot.

He patiently waited

til the ducks had submerged

quicker then lightning

the young lad converged

to some rocks by the ocean

he scampered behind

to a good vantage point

serving well as a blind

He then settled in

behind a large rock

One duck had surfaced

and then the whole flock

Holding his breath

the lad took careful aim

Five Ducks he Killed

and the sixth one he lamed

Quick as a flash

he reloaded his gun

and fired again

at the birds on the run

three Ducks and a Drake

fell from the sky

before the first one hit water

the forth one would die

Reloading again

he took careful aim

the full complement of shot

went into the lame

He unrolled his Jigger

and hooked them to shore

and resumed his position

to wait for some more.


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