Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - Gone But Not Forgotten

Author: James R. Yetman

A poem I wrote based on a true story my Great Uncle told me long time ago. The apple tree is gone now, it endured so many harsh winters it finally had to be cut down.

Gone But Not Forgotten

The apple tree he planted

more than eighty years ago

withstood the heat of summer

and winters ice and snow

though many branches broken off

in a sleet storm some years back

the apple blossoms flower

on the branches still intact

He was just a young lad

when he found an old tin can

and inside a seed he planted

thatís how its life began

the seed began to flourish

growing too large for the can

he placed it in his garden

with his own two loving hands

The years passed by so quickly

how the apple tree had grown

outside in the garden

the tree stood all alone

the man that nursed her throughout life

for some reason hadnít shown

the days and weeks turned into years

she knew now he was gone

Eighty years is only young

In the life time of a tree

but eighty years in a humans life

most donít live to see

The young lad grew into a man

the man grew old and died

The dewdrops on the apple tree

are tears for him she cried.


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