Goes Back, b'y    Poetry - To be a true Newfoundlander

Author: James R. Yetman

To be a true Newfoundlander

you must alter your taste

if you wanna be like us

and not feel outta place

a Newfoundlander can spot ya

clear cross the Bay

so if ya wanna be like us

start actiní this way


Dress like a fisherman

in raggedy ole clothes

stay out in the cold wind

get a drop to yer nose

wear a pair of knee rubbers

faded blue overalls

and donít gasp for ya breath

when hit by the squalls


wear checkered plaid shirts

complete with some holes

and smell like a Codfish

this enhances your goals

stick a pipe between teeth

but donít bother to light

just fumble for matches

to make it look right


Be sure theres burnt matches

left in the box

and pull off a rubber

to expose woolen socks

and in yer back pocket

of the old faded Jeans

have a flask of the Screech

where its plainly seen.


And under your arm

have a six pack of beer

indicating to all

that your E.I. is here

and donít waste your time

by combing your hair

pull on an old stockin' cap

and head down to the pier


Now speech is the hardest

only speak when you must

cursing and swearing in utter disgust

thereís more I could tell ya

but you just might get by

so come mix with us Newfies

and give it a try.


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